SRT Services Include The Following

Payroll Services

  • Processing of weekly, monthly or fortnightly payrolls.
  • ESS – Employee Self Service . Leave and claims captured and approved on line.
  • Processing changes in your company which include new employees, terminations advised, ahoc earnings and deductions.
  • Processing all third party deductions and company contributions.
  • Preparing ACB files for bank upload of nett pay.
  • Direct payment of nett salaries into accounts if required.
  • Process and production of all payslips, electronic or pdf as required.
  • Reporting for all statutory authorities.
  • Reports for all reconciliations to third party payments.
  • Emp 201 and UIF declarations.
  • Biannual and annual EMP501 submissions
  • OID annual returns.
  • Quarterly employment statistics reports.
  • Creation and submission of IRP5 & IT3A files at an additional annual cost.
  • Assistance with salary structing.
  • Providing dummy payslips as and when required up to 3 per month, any additional billed separately.
  • Assistance with ahoc queries.
  • General ledger imports, setup fee additional.

HR Administrative Services

Forms & Check Lists

  • Leave Forms
  • Acknowledgement of Debt
  • Authorisation for salary deductions
  • Change of banking
  • Advances
  • Loans
  • Certificate of Service
  • Check list for New Employees
  • Check list for terminated employees
  • UI 19 submissions

Correlating information required for payroll submission eg new employee details, benefit forms, termination information etc

Audit of employee personnel files as required for the yearly financial audit, Employment Equity audits as required per legislation.

Assisting with compiling employee starter packs.

Contracts of employment.

Benefits administration – Liaising with third parties:

  • Billing and reconciliations to payroll.
  • Withdrawal notifications and claims
  • New memberships